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Chiropractic Care

Dr Stacey adjusting womans neckYour brain communicates and coordinates function with every part of the body. When a joint or area of the spine is locked up or not moving well, a dysfunction of that body part occurs. With the advanced Insight™ technology, scans show us exactly how much of your function is altered. With specific adjustments, we release those problem areas so that your nerves can better communicate with your brain. Over time, they adapt and form muscle memory so that you don’t continue to experience the same issues.

Numerous Benefits for All Ages

Dr. Stacey seeks to restore the normal function to your body. Children see a range of benefits from chiropractic care, from better sleeping and reflexes to normalization of bowel movements and less spitting up.

Parents can enjoy improved energy that allows them to keep up with their children. You also may find that just as it can help your child, chiropractic care can help you to sleep better, too. Everyone’s body responds differently because each person is unique. Dr. Stacey will discuss the changes you can expect after you start receiving care, so there are no surprises.

Tailored Techniques for Better Results

There are many techniques Dr. Stacey is well-versed in, including manual and instrument-assisted methods. She’ll determine which is most appropriate for you based on your particular needs. With patients that range from a 20-minute-old baby to a 94-year-old, Dr. Stacey can adapt her technique and pressure based on the age of the person and their body.

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