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Meet the Life Family Chiropractic Team

Stacey Finley

I moved to the Valley in the fall of 2004, hailing originally from Redding, California, where a typical summer day can reach well up into the hundreds. Needing a change of scenery after graduating from Simpson college with a BA in Liberal Studies, I packed my belongings and moved to Alaska. What a wonderful place to be to enjoy the outdoors. Fishing has become my new favorite pastime.

Since I started working at Life Family Chiropractic, I have been getting adjusted regularly. I once suffered from frequent sinus headaches and I am pleased to report that I rarely have them now. I have witnessed many people who have come through our doors with similar health concerns and have received great results. Chiropractic is an amazing way to make a positive change in becoming a healthier, happier you. I look forward to meeting you and helping you reach your health goals.

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